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You can use Volkswagen passat for Carrying 5 passenger’s Four-wheel abs braking system to offer assured safety and emergency halts and user safety, large cargo area for carrying personal stuff. It is designed with a 140amp maximum alternator capacity, and a 2.0 liter turbo charged 14 gasoline engine that produces 200 horse power at 5100- 6000 RPM and an SAE torque of 207 at 1800-5000 RPM. A fuel tank capacity of 18.5 gal, with a cruising range of up to 407 miles in the city and 573 miles in the highway. It is fitted with an electromechanical power steering, it moves with a 17” and a front wheel pull. The new Volkswagen Passat installed with an obd reader is one asset worth driving off the show room at whatever cost. The OBD reader will locate the slightest trouble shooting in your car giving you no reason to be worried of ‘petty’ embarrassments. All you will need to do is to confer with the procedural instructions provide by the display screen of the obd scanner and ‘your fault’ will be done away with. It will provide two options for your task; to either use the code protocol to work out most internal restructuring or the mechanical and practical procedure for major external repairs. I still got cooler!