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Four-door body model, front wheel pull up drive, a four wheel ABS breaking system. Its engine sae horsepower of115 at 5200 revolutions per minute and a torque sae of 125 horsepowers at 4000 revolutions is one boost. It has a 14.5 gal fuel tank. The Volkswagen jetta is a five-passenger seater. It has a power rack and pinion power steering cruising 348 miles per hour in the city and a probable 493 miles an hour in the highway and a wheel radius of 15” powered by five front gears. The car is environmental friendly rated for the EPA greenhouse gas score of seven. It also comes with steel rims. You work two towns away from your work place yet you need a reliable transporter and commuter warranty? Get yourself an Obd reader for your Volkswagen Jetta today and you are guaranteed never to have a day off from work just for the ‘excuse’ of taking your car to the garage for repairs and service. Just visit the nearest motor showroom and you will definitely get an OBD reader that will make your car immune to probable breakdowns and accidents just for the cause of an incompetent mechanic. If you believe you can fly, then why fear? do so.