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Volkswagen golf is the latest model from the Volkswagen family. The car was designed by the chief editor and was purely inspired from the previous generation of golf. The style is said to be more aerodynamic and greatly helps in fuel efficiency, it is also quieter compared to many cars. Critics criticized the interior saying that it was not so appealing compared to the previous cars. The brand said that they were considering even those people who want to have cars but cannot afford so this was made to them so that they can save their money and still drive cool cars. Volkswagen Golf OBD reader, You should take your car to a modern technician who understands OBD, the technician should have the right tool to repair the problem, for instance he should have an OBD scan tool, and this will be used to diagnose the car. To start the repair you will connect the scan tool to your cars computer and download the data that will identify the problem, the technician must repair the vehicle according to the manufactures instructions. With OBD system in place the technicians work is so simple and easy it is much fun to have the tool in the car.