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The Volkswagen fox is a three-door body model with sliding rear seats providing enough room for your comfort. It comes with an option of two petrol engines; a 1.2 liter producing 55 horse power which It can accelerate from 0-62 miles an hour in 17.5 seconds but you will feel much faster before 30 miles per hour generated by a five speed gear box or a 1.4 petrol engine producing 75 horse power. The car variably is cheap to handle and maintain because of its low fuel consumption and availability of spare parts is no compromise at your spare shop. ‘We are newly married and like picnics and attending dinner parties yet we fear being embarrassed because our car is faulty, can you lend us your car?’, stop being this sorry purchase your own Volkswagen fox, ensure that its fitted with a Fox obd reader, the in the evening go out! Your car will stand out of the parking bay with a ‘smile’; why? Those dinner friends will never see your car at the roadside or stuck at the parking bay in the excuse of a mechanical fault. Just the cure is your reader, which will offer you first hand, cost free and accurate service all year round. Can I lend you my car today?