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It has a 2.8 liter engine,3 door, four leather seats, full closure remote central locking ,it’s a front wheel vehicle with the best handling capabilities, it has a 190 hp VR6 engine and can accelerate from 0-60 km in six and a half seconds and a maximum speed limit of 148mph. it uses 15” wheels. It can be easily be handled since it has a four wheel independent disc brake suspension and comes with a five forward manual gear system or a four speed automatic gear system. It has an active rear aero spoiler to prevent the car from aerodynamic lift while in a speed beyond 45 mph and retracts below 12mph. Does your engine fail occasionally, or your gear system fail to engage, or the mechanic at the garage unable to identify the fault in your car? Install the Corrado OBD reader and all this questions will be answered. It is capable of undoing the problem of that engine, automatically restructure the gear system, identify whether your car is good enough to take you to your desired destination and back, alert you on any worn out parts. You will never be conned by your mechanic for fake spare pars since the OBD reader will reject that.