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If you want a small family car, then the Volkswagen cabrio is the right model for you. It is the only car model, which is known for emitting an automatic six-speed transmission. It is a front wheel drive car, which is very fast and efficient in its driving out put. It has the grills and headlights for clear and efficient light elimination. Your comfort ability is taken into consideration as the seats are up holstered to support your back. Its design is quite appealing to many. The installed air bags boost your safety measures. The rate of the consumption of fuel is quite low. An obd reader is an essential device that you need to have for the improvement of the system of checking the engine problems to your car. It has computer software for the efficacy in its out put measures. You can easily know all the generic and pending faulty cods for your automobile through the help of the obd reader. The Volkswagen cabrio OBD reader also controls the cruising speed of your car after you have activated it so. The codes that are displayed act as a guide to you which as you are needed to decide if it is favorable enough to continue driving or not.