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Volkswagen beetle has a unique style, which differentiates it from other car models. The car is referred to as an economy car because of its efficient fuel consumption. The beetle is a front wheel drive with the capacity of 1.2 liters. The shape of this car is very alluring to any one that has a glare to it. The beetle has an engine cooler, which regulates the temperature of the engine to the required operating levels. Its seats are very comfortable; the headlights improve its design as they are strategically positioned. It comes in different flashy colors; this improves the level of its exorbitance. You are needed to have an obd reader to help you in reading out code errors for your engine. Many people like this reader because it can check your engine even if it is in motion or not. The Volkswagen beetle obd reader then displays the read out faulty errors in a format that you can easily understand. It is durable enough to offer you a service that is long enough. It is very small in size but very convenient and efficient in the delivery of its codes. You are however required to be on the look out always so that you can easily know when the codes change.