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One of the cars that come in flashy colors is the Toyota tercel. It has a six speed automatic or manual transmission. The car has heated seats therefore, you are guaranteed of quality heat if it is cold. It has 16-inch alloy rims. The car has a 2.3-liter engine, which produces 172 horsepower. Its consumption of fuel is very efficient. It has very bright taillights meaning, you are guaranteed of a high beam of lighting levels. Its unique design makes people stare when you are riding it on the road. It has control modes, which regulate your driving speed. Having a gadget that keeps you perturbed on the progress and performance of your engine is a step towards reducing inconveniences caused by your engine failures. The Toyota tercel OBD reader can help you in indicating what is ailing your engine. This is made possible by reading code errors, which are given out. You are then needed to access whether the damage is too high to seek the help of the mechanic or minimum for you to fix alone. The gadget can operate even though your automobile is running or not. Your automobile can also gain stability due to the unit control levels that the obd has.