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Toyota T100 is a full sized truck vehicle, which has a horsepower of 150 with the v6 engine, which has an m3.0 liter engine. It is made available in two categories; two-wheel drive mode and four wheels drive mode. It has a toolbox, which is built in, and highly powered steering wheel. The cruising speed of this car is very high due to its improved engine system. It is quite reliable and very economical in its fuel consumption. The truck can cruise at any given road due to its highly modified wheels. It has a towing capacity of 2360 kilograms. Many people experience multiple engine failure without telling what the real cause is. However, with the introduction of the Toyota T100 OBD reader, you do not need to worry any more as you can tell what the problem is due to its diagnosis capability. It is installed with an automatic mode, which makes it easy for you to connect hit to other computer wires for an efficient out put. You can decide to either copy or print the faulty codes for a later analysis however; he reader can as well erase them. Get rid of communication failures from your engine by buying this reader.