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The Toyota starlet is one of the cars that has under gone several degenerations to bring about the current design which is quite appealing to any one that has a glance at it. It has highly graded colored bumpers for shock absorption. The automobile is also installed with an SRS airbag at the side of the driver’s seat for your improved safety measure. The car has a unique dash board which has a center AC outlet that is a bit high. It has a spare tyre which is commonly mounted at the back therefore incase of an occurrence of a puncture, you are secured very fast. Its very perfect in its cruising performance due to the highly powered engine. It is necessary for you to have the OBD reader installed in your Toyota car for an easy diagnosis of the engine. This reader relays back any errors that it will encounter in your engine and then notify you by the means of a signal. The Toyota starlet OBD reader can also check the oil service and of your automobile and make its mileage easy for you. It has a computer application which contains a synchronized soft ware for the articulate emission of faulty codes. The codes are displayed vividly for you to determine whether your car needs urgent servicing or not.