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When choosing or thinking of the car to buy, many people ignore the issue of the newly designed features in a given model. Choosing to own the Toyota Sienna is the best of the entire decisions making in the purchase of a nice super car. The vehicle has undergone many modifications with even the steering being altered from the hydraulic one the electrically powered one. The injection and fuel feed system of this car has been further modified to an economical fuel consumption that also complies with the EPA rules of not polluting the environ with much emission. Among other newly designed added features is the seat for the physically handicapped. As you wake up in the morning, you in actual sense to do not have time to waste. You are then the same morning devastated by your Toyota Sienna failing to start. The reason to why it has failed at that moment lies with your mechanic who operates a garage few miles away from you. The OBD reader in such complications of life has been designed to save you your time and money that your mechanic could take for no reason. The diagnostic device shows exactly where the problem lies hence an easy time to rectify the malfunction by your self.