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The existence of your Toyota Sequoia in three different body trims that include the newly platinum, the Limited trim and the SR5 makes it more unique and admirable by all that seek to have a model of the same. Your Sequoia model is driven on all the four wheels powered by a V8 5.7 liter engine. The interior of your sequoia Toyota model has been made comfortable with standardized features that include the power doors and windows, a steering wheel that is tilted and telescopic and a key less entry for efficiency during the driving activity. For more comfort you can optionally fit a seven inch screen, a DVD and many other features for your ultimate entertainment In most cases in your day to day living, and to all vehicles, abrupt brake downs are at all times experienced. Your Toyota Sequoia OBD reader is an electronic device that is fit in your car to always monitor the performance of each and every part and incase of any problem report it. The function is enhanced by the availability of the electronic control unit of your Toyota Sequoia which ensures that each and every part is linked to the diagnostic device. All the parts including the antilock brake system, the gearbox, the engine at large, and many others associated with the operational system are linked to the device hence all the faults are detected and reported.