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Of all the models in Toyota’s range of MVPs (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), none was made with a greater vision of the future than the Toyota Previa. The tern ‘Previa’ in the vehicle’s name is Italian for ‘preview’. As the name suggests, the Toyota Previa was designed to be a platform on which to future technologies in minivan automobile innovations would be tested. The outstanding feature of the Previa, as with most minivans, is the placement of the engine directly beneath the front seats. This feature allows for even distribution of the vehicle’s weight between the front and rear wheels. This means the Previa has great handling. The Toyota Previa is available in either two -wheel or four-wheel drive. The minivan is usually referred to as a family car because it’s ideally suited for a family with two or more children. The reason is simple: space. Thus the Toyota Previa would be ideal for a family intending to travel by road while on long vacation. This brings up a scary scenario where the car breaks down while in the middle of nowhere. The experience can be quite stressful especially where small kids are present. It would therefore be very shrewd of an owner of a Toyota Previa to have an On-Board diagnostic kit installed in the vehicle. This would allow for accurate monitoring and the detection of engine trouble before it becomes critical. The OBD kit is optimally used when in conjunction with an OBD reader. We offer the best OBD kits in the market in terms of price, installation costs and after-sale servicing. The OBD kit is composed of a small/micro-computer onto which are attached a number of sensors. The sensors are installed in the engine and they relay data from the engine to the micro-computer. The OBD reader is device that translates the codes from the micro-computer into information that is easy to understand. This is displayed on a small screen placed of the Toyota Previa’s dash board making it available to the driver at a glance. Thus the OBD reader is a vital tool in preventing unsettling situations. We offer OBD readers specific to the Toyota Previa at the best prices in the market.