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The Toyota Paseo is probably one of the less known car models from the giant auto maker Toyota. However as is common with the Toyota brand the Toyota Paseo is not deficient in quality. Its predecessor was the Toyota corolla coupe and thus is itself a compact car. However unlike the Toyota Corolla couple, the Toyota Paseo was designed to be a sports styled compact car. As with most of the vehicles in the Toyota brand, the Toyota Paseo shares a number of features with later models. Several engine components of the Toyota Paseo are interchangeable with those found in the Toyota Starlet and Toyota Tercel. This bit of information comes in handy when one considers that production of the Paseo stopped in 1995. The problem with a model that is no longer in production, such as the Toyota Paseo, is just that. The model being out of production means that supply of spare parts for the model would also cease. While it is true that there are models with similar components, it is also true that some components are specific to a particular model. Thus rather than wait for the mechanical failure of these rare and unique components, it would be wiser to prevent the actual failure. This is only possible with the use of an On-Board Diagnostic system which includes the OBD reader. We offer the best OBD kits in the market in terms of price, installation fees and after-sale servicing. WE offer the best OBD readers that can translate the codes from a micro-computer in the cars hood, into easy to comprehend data. This information is then displayed on a screen. Thus the owner of a Toyota Paseo can get information on the engines health at a glance. We offer the best OBD readers in the market in terms of price, installation fees and after sale service. Look no further for OBD readers that will provide you with the most accurate of information on you car engine’s health.