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The Toyota MRS is one of the less known models of the Toyota brand. This is in no way an indicator of the lack of craftsmanship in the vehicle. Far from that, the Toyota MR is a sports car made by Central motors an affiliate of Toyota. The car is designed to be a sports car with a difference in terms of fuel economy. Many of the popular sports car brands are known for two things, their performance and also their fuel guzzling capacity. The Toyota MRS stands out form the crowd mainly due to its small but powerful engine. This gives the Toyota MRS the ability to deliver on the road and still remain friendly to the pocket. The car’s small size is another key component to its performance. For high performance cars like that of the Toyota MRS, engine maintenance and monitoring couldn’t be more crucial. This is achieved by use of computerized engine monitoring systems simply referred to as OBD. OBD stands for On-board Diagnostics. Thus an OBD is simply a kit composed of sensors and a small computer that processes data from the sensors. The sensors are placed in different locations within and on the engine. This enables the monitoring of such variables in the Toyota MRS engine such as fuel intake, engine temperature, and air intake. This data is processed by the on-board microcomputer into codes which are then used to analyze engine performance. Thus an OBD is a vital tool in ensuring the engine of the Toyota MRS remains in tip-top shape. We offer the best OBD kits in the market in terms of price, installation costs and after-sale servicing. If you are looking for the best prices, our one stop shop is al you need. Visit us and you will fall in love with our cheap prices. We offer great discounts that will put a smile on your face. Importantly, our OB readers for the Toyota MRS are durable.