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The 2-seater middle engine rear wheel drive sports automobile is designed for family comfort and both for short and long distances. This is where the difference is most seen where dissimilar generations are diverse, furthermore the Toyota MR2 is fitted with an automatic and power steering mechanism that allows you to drive with ease. Moreover the car was designed to be small with high power and less fuel consumption, as a matter of fact the parts of this automobile is well harmonized and fitted to avoid fallouts on bumpy roads. The car is designed to take care of the ever-varying technological innovations. One would be wondering how he can know the problems of this car once it breaks down, it’s simple, just looking at the codes that the OBD Reader has written will exactly show you what has gone wrong with the automobile, its called self service device that always runs to diagnosis the malfunctions of the car. The vehicle owner will have the information at a glance; this device picks all the car information from all car units therefore letting every mistake exposed. The OBD Reader is plugged into the car and most current automobiles posses these slots for the reader, at a greater extent, the performance of the automobile is greatly improved.