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The 4-seater automobile is designed for family comfort and both for short and long distances. The Toyota Levin comes in various colors ranging from silver to white fitted with an automatic power steering mechanism that allows you to drive with ease. Furthermore the fog lamps make it superlative for misty and smoggy days, as a matter of fact the parts of this automobile is well harmonized and fitted to avoid fallouts on bumpy roads. The car is designed to take care of the ever-changing technological innovations. In conclusion, this model is very economical in fuel consumption hence appropriate for business. The family will not be shocked on what has happened with their car in case there is a breakdown, the OBD Reader is well fitted to help them solve this problem and improve their comfort. Factually the device shows codes that matches the problem of the car and the codes are presented in a user-friendly manner that anybody can read and understand hence does not compel the family to spend on the mechanic but simply fixes the problem thereby encourages saving. The device initializes after the problem is solved running to identify any more problem. It is of great importance that the devise is set ready when the car is operating.