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This Toyota Land cruiser is designed to meet a rough road requirement that properly gives the outfit of long distance travels. The vehicle possesses very heavy-duty mudguards and rain sensing windshield wipers. In fact, it is an ultra low emission vehicle with electronic direct ignition. Besides, the 6-speed automatically controlled transmission done with (ECT-I) intelligence in a sequential shifting and uphill/downhill logic makes it the preferred choice. In deed, it is one of the economically fuel consuming vehicles. The car is also good for rainy journeys for it has the integrated fog lamps. Toyota Land Cruiser will take you long distance places. The car is fitted with OBD Reader that does a regular check on the engine hence allowing you to identify any problem that the car may have at any time by reading the codes. Having it-installed calls for a quick and precise trouble shooting method that saves the need for a mechanic at the first stage in case of a problem, moreover, it makes the car more intelligence; the OBD Reader also improves the performance and stability of your automobile since it can also control other car units. Finally, Toyota being a long distance car, it is recommended that this device is installed and put working to enhance reliability and durability.