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The Toyota IQ is perhaps one of the best expressions of the changing view of what a car is. Simply put the Toyota IQ is a concept car specifically designed for the city. This is seen in a number of aspects in the vehicle. The Toyota IQ has great fuel economy and low levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. This makes it environmentally as well as pocket friendly. Despite its unusually small size, the Toyota IQ is also designed to have maximum interior space. Overall compactness of the vehicle is thus crucial. New innovations allow for this to be achieved. This includes front windscreen location, flat fuel tank design, centre take –off steering and rear angled shock absorbers. For such a compact car as the Toyota IQ, physical detection and actual repair of mechanical failure can prove to be a nightmare. This is not only for the mechanic but also for the owner, in the sense that it would take ages to have the car on- the road again. Thus a preventive approach would be more advisable and economical. This means an On-board diagnostic system, shortened as OBD, is an extremely viable option. The OBD system is composed of a micro-computer which processes data from sensors placed in the Toyota IQ’s engine. We offer the best OBD kits in the market in terms of price, installation fees and after-sale servicing. The information is then displayed on an OBD reader. An OBD reader simply translates the codes from the onboard micro-computer into easily comprehensible information which is then displayed it on a screen. Thus an OBD reader is a vital tool to have if you intend to make the most of OBD system installed in your Toyota IQ. Our OBD readers are the best in the market in terms of price, installation cost and after sale service. Our OBD readers will make your experience of owning the Toyota IQ, a really unique one.