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Do you need a hardy vehicle that can be your beast of burden? The new Toyota Hilux is your new servant. Presented in an option of two models: the Toyota Hilux double cab pick up offers an optional 2wd (rear) or a 4wd pull up support. It has a carriage area that can carry a load of up to 1.5 tones. It has a hydraulic breaking system for emergency purposes, a power steering, 15”wheels for speed and the Hilux 2wd pick up with 14” wheels, larger carriage of up to 2.5 tones and it can be used in the farm or transportation of people and goods in the roughest terrains. The Toyota Hilux OBD reader is a gadget used to scan your vehicle for any traces of faults and offer the best support you will require in handling the vehicle. It uses an electronic ultra survey system analysis of your vehicle in the shortest time possible rather than a manual mechanic working out a trial and error job in the name of servicing your car. Its the perfect ‘doctor in the lab’?, purchase an OBD reader for your Toyota Hilux today at a relatively lower price and get maximum output for the value of your money and investment in the name of a Toyota Hilux.