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Are you a game ranger, a forest ranger or a tourist? Get the latest Toyota FJ cruiser and you will never off its wheels. The wheels are 17” made of alloy, four doors, it comes with a an AM/FM, CD/MP3 radio with WMA Playback capabilities, six speakers ,supporting usb, Bluetooth, audio jack and iPod, waterproof seat covers, digital sun visors with vanity mirrors, seat belts to provide accident protection. Being an off road vehicle it offers an option of both 2wd (rear wheel) and 4wd, with a turbo timer and air bags on the seats and internal body to provide you comfort and safety. The Toyota FJ cruiser OBD reader is one of the best technological innovations you need to ensure that you are not stranded in the bush or it the summits the solution will be with you whenever you go. Initially moving a massive car like the Toyota FJ cruiser brand was somehow risky because not many mechanics have ever worked on such a model or if he has then the mechanical expenses, you will have to part with is worth a scratch on your pocket. Now I pose you a secret worth a fortune! Carry the free ‘mechanic’ with you- the FJ cruiser OBD reader!