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It’s a high class, middle sized car produced by the Toyota Company since 1982, it has been the best selling car in Australia, Canada and other Countries. Toyota Camry designed into two types the regular and the prestige, the regular has a sleek shape with longer wheelbase and wider wheel tracks. The prestige Camry is very similar to Toyota Aurion, it has a more revised front- and rear-end treatment, along with changes to the interior. It has a 3.5-litre V6 engine which is an engine with six cylinders fixed on apart of engine called crank in two banks of three cylinders. This makes it different from the normal Camry. Toyota Camry OBD Reader, the OBD port is located just under the steering wheel. It offers u a chance to enjoy your vehicle with very limited worries, so many people with no OBDs may have problems at any time and place when their engine fails as they don’t have something to guide them on engine functionality or other parts of the vehicle. The engine light also known as the malfunction indicator light produces warning lights in case of an emergency giving you easy time. If the OBD system scans the product three times and if there is no detection yet, the light turns off automatically, making simple that not only the highly educated individuals can operate.