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Toyota Avalon is a big car(full size car) produced by Toyota in the United States until 2006 when it was replaced by Toyota Aurion. It consists of generations like the XX10 and the XX20. XX10 has a front bench seat for full six-passenger seating, and its column shifter was the first such feature in an American Toyota car since the 1982. XX20 is built in Camry platform with 3.0 litre that uses one or more reciprocating pistons to convert force into a rotating motion. It is equipped with the variable valve timing that allows the intake of exhaust gases to be changed while the engine is in use. Toyota Avalon OBD Reader is a short form of On Board Diagnostic Systems, diagnostic meaning to detect something especially a problem. It helps drivers or technicians detect problems with their computerized engine systems. This helps drivers to repair small problems before they become serious. OBD also has got a warranty depending on the make of your vehicle and the miles your car has covered which makes it even more advantageous since the repair cost are covered by manufacturers or dealers. Engine is the most critical thing in a vehicle and with its failure the vehicle becomes useless therefore it needs a lot of attention and OBD has been proven to offer that.