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Toyota 4 Runner is a luxurious vehicle that can concur any given terrain unlike other vehicles of two wheel drive where only two wheels receive moment of force from the engine, it is a sport utility vehicle build on a light truck chassis manufactured by Toyota and has been on the market industry since 1984 to present. It’s a little more than a Toyota pickup truck with over five generations. The new 4 Runner has its body fixed on an existing frame, they are four door models. These changes made the trucks more comfortable on-road, and improved stability and handling. Toyota 4 Runner OBD Reader is like a guideline or systems in a vehicle you rely on to help u detect any problem that your Suzuki 4 Runner might be having. Its usage is not complicated. When there is a problem with a vehicle OBD Reader a trouble code that is stored in the computer will produce light informing the driver that a problem has occurred and needs faster service and when the light is flashing then the problem is more serious and needs immediate attention. This saves you money and time that you may have spent to repair for example engine should you not have had an OBD to detect the problem earlier.