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Subaru Legacy is a mid sized sedan wagon that is fast and stable on the road. The car is powered by a2.5 boxer four cylinder engines producing 265 horsepowers. The cars power is matched with a six-gear manual or automatic transmission. It also fitted with the latest accessories to aid you in giving you more comfort. It has the latest GPRS device that allows you directions to everywhere you are going. A music player has been installed to give you more comfort while you drive. State of the art suspension and breaking system has been installed in this model to allow you more control. The Subaru Legacy obd system works in the simplest method imaginable. When you talk to the engine, it cannot respond and tell you where the problem is but when the system talks to the engine you will get the report in the language, you understand. The repair that you will do after getting the analysis from the obd will be of the reason that has made the check light to go on. It will give you a good analysis of what is not working and also what is working so as to make your decisions more accurate and more informed.