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Subaru impreza WRX is a four-door passenger vehicle available in the market as a sedan or wagon. It is a four-wheel drive car with high road stability and good fuel consumption with low emissions. It is well fitted with god standard features to provide maximum comfort therefore, it can be used for daily drive. This car is also available in the market has a sports car with high performance and standard features that provide enough comfort to the driver and passengers. It was first produced and sold in Japan but currently it’s available all over the world. It is quite affordable therefore, you can always have one whenever you need it. A part from having other security systems this car is fitted with Subaru impreza WRX ODB scanner , which you use to detect your engine function. In most cases, you can use it to function as a computer interface to monitor the emission systems and detects any malfunctioning of the engine systems. This malfunction can be identified from different sources such as like fuel injection, spark plug, fluid or oil complications. Therefore, this scanner usually helps to identify the problem by monitoring alphanumeric codes. It is efficient in detecting engine-generated problems avoiding all over sudden engine breakdown and ensure safe travel.