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Subaru Brat is a durable four-wheel drive car, which is developed from Subaru station wagon. This car has high road stability and is so much reliable for both passengers and cargo transportation due to the big volume cargo boot. It is one of the commonly used Subaru cars in the market earning great points due to its good fuel consumption ability and high roan performance. Most of the brat mode of cars is manually operated with modern standard features and unique design. They provide maximum comfort to onboard passengers despite its cargo handling capacity, with air conditioners to regulate the temperature and offer comfortable ride. Driving your Subaru brat car without the Subaru Brat OBD software installed to monitor the function of your engine is very difficult. This onboard software enhances the detection of car problem by exposing the error codes that matches the incurred problem hence improving the efficiency of the car, where you can personally fix your car or take it to your car technician who will do it at a fee. Difficulties will always be experienced if you do not have this software in place since you will not be in apposition to know the root of the problem. To avoid this have your car installed with an obd software.