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There is no doubt that Saturn Ion is the most autonomous car model which can boost your driving efficiency. It is a front wheeled car which that has been classified into two different body styles, every body style has three trim levels that come with a horse power of 145 with a 2.2 liter engine. The performance of this Saturn car is highly enhanced to increase your performance during your riding session. For instance, it has a traction control and anti lock brakes. The manual transmission level comes at a standardized five speed to all the available trims. It has seventeen inch wheels for an autonomous driving. For a perfect out put for your engine, you need to the Saturn Ion obd reader which is well known for its impeccable performance in terms of checking any faults that may arise. This obd can register the error codes and then display them out in a form that you can easily interpret. The obd is computer enabled with a computer soft ware which is comparatively accurate in its out put mechanism. The present, generic and all pending error codes for your automobile are detected and then cleared by the obd reader. You can then opt to take your car for a service.