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Your Saturn Aura medium sized sedan exists in other three trims. The XE, the XR, and the XR V6 sedans are the other desired trim models that you can find your Aura. With the 2.4 liter fourteen inline four cylinder engine it produces a horsepower of approximately 250. For maximum safety standard features for the same purpose have been fit in this vehicle including the curtain airbags on the front and rear side for both you as a driver and your passengers, a stability control system, the antilock brake and the traction control system. The radio, the CD player, a telephone system that is hands free, the tire pressure have all been fit for your comfort. In many cases your Saturn Aura may develop at times problems that you honestly have no knowledge about. For example a problem of engine knocking or even the power steering failing are troubles that leave you worried unless you are consoled by your mechanic who at other times may charge you higher than what he or she has to charge you. With your Saturn Aura OBD reader such troubles are history. For a peace of mind in the course of the above fault, the device at all times checks the level of your engine oil and informs you with accordance of any other fault part in the operation system of your car.