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The Saturn Astra is classical vehicle that comes styled in a hatchback body. It thus exists in body style of five and three door hatchback. With the 1.8 liter engine with four cylinders that have different valves produces a horse power of 103Kw giving a speed available in five and four speed manual and automatic transmission respectively. The standard airbags in the front seat, the curtain airbags for the head on both the front and rear seat have been put in place to ensure maximum while riding. Above the other safety features it has been tested the front and side impacts by the IIHS and passed the test. The emission of your Saturn Astra matters a lot. Much of emissions show that there is a problem with the combustion chamber. The environmental protection agency on the other side warns strongly on the same. This is default that goes on for some time without your knowledge. Your Saturn OBD reader has been designed to be always checking not only your engine but with the other parts and inform of any default. In addition for your information the much emissions means that fuel is not burnt properly hence a waste. The on board diagnostic saves you the fuel cost and the hustles of visiting your mechanic every now and then on simple defaults.