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Design, style, color name them, these are just but a few features used to describe the Plymouth prowler car. This car has a v6 engine, which has an engine that holds a capacity of 3.5 liters. Its body is made of aluminum, which increases its attractive nature. The frontal suspension of this car uses a lower and upper control arms that have push rods. You are offered with a good visibility level because of the design that is carefully exhibited even if the car itself is low. It has very stiff suspensions which makes it easy for you to make quick turns in curved roads. If your car is experiencing constant break downs and you do not figure out what the real problem is, then you need to have a synchronized OBD reader which will diagnose the your car’s engine status. This is a device, which can tell you what is ailing your engine by recording and displaying out fully all the codes that are faulty in your car. Also all the control units of your car can be diagnosed by this same device, this includes, the electronic control unit and the automatic transmission control. The driving speed can be controlled also by the Plymouth prowler OBD reader.