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If you want a car model that is perfect in its output, you need to purchase the Plymouth neon car. This car is offered as a four-door sedan with headlights that can make your visibility clear at night. It has a horsepower of 132 and an engine of 2.0 liters. The manual transmission speed is five while the manual one contains three speeds. It is also equipped with anti lock brakes and dual airbags for the betterment of your safety in case of any eventuality. It has a very attractive design, which makes it stand out from the rest. An OBD system is an important accessory that you need to install in your car for the better out put and performance of the engine of your car. The Plymouth neon OBD reader performs an auto scanning to your car’s electronic control units, a live data is then displayed out, and this supports the offline analysis of your engine by the obd reader. The displayed faulty code is described in the present, past or intermediate form. All the pending codes are also displayed out fully by the Plymouth OBD reader. This gadget is very small in size, but very durable and efficient in its performance.