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When we talk about style and performance, then the Plymouth grand voyager beats all car models. It has an engine that has an inline and two barrel carburetors , this engine g has a capacity of 2.6 liters and emits a horse power of 104.your comfort is pit into mind as it is installed with upholstered seats that are made of vinyl. The Plymouth grand voyager has side reinforcements, which absorb any shock that might occur when you are cruising this means that your safety is also looked at greatly. The wheels are made of aluminum silver, which is finished with a special badging. The Plymouth grand voyager obd reader has become very popular nowadays because of the effectiveness in its output. It is one of the devices, which can easily help you in checking the performance, and any faultiness that your engine is experiencing; it does this successfully by recording down the faulty codes in a numerical manner. The reader can analyze the codes even in the offline situation only if you activate it so. It has a synchronized soft ware, which helps it to emit codes in a clear and efficient form. This is one of the gadgets that you need to have in your car for an improved communication system to your car units.