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The Plymouth GTX is a car, which is well known because of the classy design that it displays. It has a 7.2 v8 engine, which makes it excellent when you ride it. The car has taillights, which give a high light intensity for your clear vision especially when you are driving during the night. The seats are leather made to cater for your comfort levels. This is one of the cars, which is good in the consumption of fuel. It is a two door hard top automobile that many people like because of its improved features. Your driving is made easy because of its gripe steering wheel. It is always important that you know the status or condition of your car before you go out with it, this will help in reducing any inconveniences that might be brought about by its break down on your way. This is effected by the Plymouth GTX OBD reader. This is a gadget, which diagnoses the status and performance of your car and then display out any faulty codes that it can detect. The codes then act as a guide to you, as you can tell whether you need to take it for servicing or rectify the problem alone if it is minor.