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Plymouth duster is one of the exorbitant car models that have been made to improve the level of your driving. It has leather made seats, which increase your comfort level when you are seated. The car is very economical in terms of fuel consumption. The airbags are installed in all its four corners to improve your safety levels. It is an all wheel drive car model which can withstand any given road condition. The headlights that it is installed with increase your visibility if you are driving in dark places. The steering wheel offers you a tight gripe due to its improved style. The obd reader is one of the most important devices that you need to have so that you can easily diagnose your automobile. It records and clears the faulty codes that have been exhibited by the engine and then clears them instantly. The Plymouth duster OBD reader is connected with the op com soft ware, which gives you a live data. The programming and controlling of your car remote is also performed by the obd reader. The faulty code is given a full description of its occurrence; this gives you an opportunity of deciding whether you should take your car for a mechanical check up.