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Just like other Plymouths, carevelle is in the class of mid-size model. Was produced from the year 1983 to 1988. It has two different body styles that of 4-door sedan and two-door coupe, with either E-body or k-body platforms, Plymouth carevelle is available in different engine type, power transmitted to the wheels through either manual or automatic transmission. When it was first introduced in the industry, it came with features which were standard including power windows, stereo radio, air conditioning, power locks and dual recliners. Its shape had sharp angles but was eliminated by round shape which gave it aerodynamic look. The OBD system in Plymouth carevelle is a computer system which generates and stores diagnostic trouble codes. It monitors all engine controls and other subsystems of the car. The OBD reader help you know the problems your car is having since it has the ability to read information from your car when you trouble shoot malfunctions, an indicator light will blink to inform you of the problem. Plymouth carevelle OBD reader comes with standardized unique codes, which contains indexes to help you identify the problem. The user manuals are comprehensively detailed which provides the codes with meaningful descriptions.