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Hurry up! Very urgently and find the first brand new car of Plymouth belvedere car which now is now sprawling in the market due to it’s excellent beauty make up car chassis body and magnificent look up. Why this car? It has more modifications in its makeup which makes it obviously the fast car selling in Plymouth belvedere car class. It’s very speedy, affordable, durable and more advanced in the engineering industry. It attracted many buyers as it offers more advanced features like an automated driving fast car system which could enable the driver to enjoy a lot of features as he drives on. It has an onboard video screen which enables the users to have more fun while driving. For its OBD II reader it works more efficiently and faster when it’s identifying car fault codes. It performs by finding codes, review, rates and sets the diagnostic tool to scan the faults and soon rectifies relevant code faults. The Plymouth Belvedere has greater performance on the OBD II reader since it is capable of identifying faults on automotive mode and diagnose them more efficiently enough without any minimal hindrance. The OBD II reader has aided the car to find emergency brake stuck on the cars and also correct it.