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This car was a mid size sedan manufactured between the year 1985 and 1995.It is a four door car with beautiful interiors which are very comfortable for the passengers, the cargo room at the cabin is also spacious and passengers don’t have to squeeze with the lugages. The car is available in three types of engine producing different powers. There is 2.5liter k4, 2.5liter L4 and 3.0A v6.Power is transmitted to the wheels via either five speeds manual or three speeds automatic. Plymouth acclaim has features such power windows, key less entry/exit, air condition antilock brakes on the wheels and power cruise control. The car is available in different colors depending on the year and model. Plymouth acclaim OBD reader is computerized system which enables you to perform self diagnosis for the car. It comes with standardized and unique code readers having indexes with full detailed information giving full meaning of each code and therefore you do not have to go to a mechanic to find out the problem. The reader checks the performance and functioning of the engine and other parts of the car whenever there is a problem it will inform you very quickly and you can correct it. With this, you will know the health status of the car anytime you want.