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Oldsmobile toronado is a two door car which was first produced between 1966 and 1992.In those days it was most luxury car you one could have in full size. It competed with other best cars and emerged to be the best. Toronado was the first front wheel drive ever produced in countries like United States. Most cars of this kind has an e body structure for their distinction .after several years of design ,their some changes made to improve the cars quality such that the drivers could not experience any problem .In this car power is transmitted to the front wheels via 3 speed automatic transmission . Oldsmobile OBD reader is a self diagnostic tool equipped with technical capabilities to provide information on current health status of your car. It has the ability to detect malfunctions giving technical details on the nature of the problem. .The reader has standardized diagnostic trouble codes which are stored in the computer memory whenever there is a problem, a warning indicator will light on the LCD screen and you will have to check the engine saving you time and money you could have spent in the garage. it is easier to use since the codes are provided with meaningful descriptions.