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Just by its looks, the Oldsmobile Bravada is one of those production models that really spark enthusiasm and continues to rock showrooms. It’s the most luxurious and the smoothest model with leather seats for maximum comfort and nice body works. It’s powered by a 4.2liter L6 engine that churns out enough torque and horsepower. Its silky body and spoiler wings to improve on its aerodynamics add to its aesthetics while chrome wheel caps and universal mufflers are just but a few of its unique features. Well spacious and decorated interiors with wooden linings on the doors are what make this amazing model. Simple and reliable is what you can describe them. They operate on a plug and play mode enabling you to spend less time and energy. The DTC’s are clearly viewed and troubleshooting can easily be carried out. The software is provided in a CD which you can run and display the information or DTC definitions on an LCD screen. The resolution of this screen is good for the best display of clear images and codes. These are original and unique features that you cannot get from any manufacturer. The only way to stand out is by using Oldsmobile Bravada OBD Reader.