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The Oldsmobile Aurora is powered by a 4.0liter V8 engine that generates a horsepower of 250. The 4-speed automatic transmission assures relaxing ride while its suspension and handling beats the rest. Anytime you mention this model, competent should click your mind. If you love speed, this one does it more than its predecessor. Smooth also describes its engine while the artistic body works of dedicated manufacturers results in a stylish, mid-sized elegant car that fairs pretty well. Its interiors look really nice and the burled walnut on the dashboard clearly describes the simplicity employed in interior design of this world-class luxury car. The Oldsmobile Aurora OBD system oxygen sensor works best on this model because it controls the level of emissions. The sensor may get damaged when the temperature of the oil gets too high and thus necessitates the need to regulate the temperature. Incomplete combustion of fuel results in increased pollution which has adverse effects on your health. With this sensor functioning properly, your car will efficiently burn the fuel and less poisonous gases are likely to be emitted. When there’s a problem with the sensor the lights will stay on or blink indefinitely. This is the only way you can easily control the emissions of your car at ease.