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The Oldsmobile Achieva is yet another host of ample performance built in early 50s. Very scarce models are available in the market and one thing for sure about this car is that it’s very big and spacious most ideal for touring with large families. It’s an amazing model due to its rust prone capabilities even in most salty regions. It’s powered by a 3.1liter V6 engine that churns out 155 horsepower. It has a great fuel economy ranging from 22.1 mpg on the city to 32.1 mpg on the highway. Comfort and style are a guarantee only with this sensational reengineered item. Most vehicles emit poisonous gases and many are times you do not realize that as a result of incomplete combustion, your car consumes a lot of fuel. The Oldsmobile Achieva OBD reader is able to detect such potential detections by its accurate diagnosis. It’s very effective and can save you a lot of money. Since it monitors the chassis, accessory and body parts you can accurately know the parts which needs repair without seeking assistance from an expert. Software is provided in a CD which you can run and display the information or DTC definitions on an LCD screen. What a device!