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This is another of the mercury models that has also been evolving since the production started in 1983. It is a personal flamboyant car that many families concur it is the way forward in terms luxury and comfort. The latest version now boosts of a 3 speed C3 automatic transmission and a 4 speed AOD automatic transmission. The suspension of the car is also something you cannot neglect to praise. Mercury marquis gives the car more power and firmness on the road. As a result you do not have to worry about the sharp bends as you can negotiate them with out jeopardizing you life. You should not be appalled to discover that millions of car owners nowadays are not sitting down comfortably after purchasing their cars. Just like them, you should move forward and embrace the Mercury marquis OBD reader for efficient check up of your engine troubles. With this device there will be no more surprises when the warning such as ‘Check Engine’, ‘Need re-servicing’ and the like flicker on your car dashboard. You will be able to diagnosis and solve these malfunctions or problem by your self or with very little assistance from your car technician without having to rip the whole Chevrolet apart.