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Anytime you lay your foot on the accelerator pedal, you are likely to attain a very high speed in mere seconds. The Mazda RX-7 is a cool automobile on the road with much driving pleasure. Its new interior color, power window switch illumination and a split-fold rear seatback are the main upgrades this model has in abundance. On the road, it’s noticeable by its body works while the 1.3-liter R2 engine keeps you moving. It’s enhanced by a taut and well damped suspension while a fuel economy of 17/25 mpg on highways should compel you to reconsider it. The Mazda RX-7 OBD reader is an electronic device specifically made to allow you to detect and access the technical problems of your vehicle at much ease. It’s a great accessory from the heart of manufacturer because it monitors and controls the levels of emissions as well as the speed. The chassis and other body parts are closely monitored and incase a slight problem is detected the warnings are communicated via check lights on the dash board. If you find the lights flashing, then it means that the problem is minor. Otherwise, consistency in its lighting means that a major problem has occurred.