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The Mazda RX-2 is yet another cool automobile that competes very well with other automobiles of its class. It has an updated front end’s styling that adds a new and attractive grille. Its hood, fenders and headlights are unique and different making it attract great attention anytime you pull over. Jewel-like headlights and angular taillights speaks volumes. The chrome accents and firm seats give you another reason to smile. Comfort and eye appealing are evident as you enter this model. The most attractive brushed-aluminum wheels which perfectly adapts with spinners can make onlookers crave for your ride. It’s worth a try. The Mazda RX-2 OBD reader and connector are found under your foot’s area and going by the legal requirements, they are usually three feet from your feet. Its scanner is more advanced and can comfortably perform comprehensive analysis of your car. It does not cause any harm to the environment but instead it’s used to control the level of emissions making environment more conducive to the inhabitants. By plugging into your computer’s OBD diagnostic port, you can be able to access the technical information of all the parts, troubleshoot where necessary or store them for a more detailed analysis by an expert.