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Excellent acceleration is one of the main features that make this model stand out among the flooded sea of automobiles. It also has a spacious passenger and cargo room just enough for you and your family. Its anti-lock brakes and traction are amazing enabling you to come to a halt from a high speed. Mazda Protégé comes in different versions but the most known include the DX, LX and MP3. It’s the best looking sedan on the market that attracts great attention anytime you pull over. A larger engine churning out more power lies under the hood replacing the 1.8-liter one. The Mazda Protégé OBD reader started being used in cars and it’s a special scanner that is primarily used to detect problems of any kind. It’s a computer interface that is used to control emissions as well as monitor chassis, speed and body of your car. It’s a very convenient and easy to use instrument that has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. The moment you connect it with the car parts, it gives a comprehensive update and you can easily detect all the malfunctioning systems. It’s a device you cannot miss to give a try since it’s very rewarding and saves you the extra coin.