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The Mazda Protégé Wagon shows a revised interior with leather seats and carpeted floor for great comfort. The braking effort and an improved steering wheel are standard while seatbelt pre-tensioners carry the day. Call it a snappy car but it competes well with huge vehicles. Options like driver’s height-adjustment seat, a tachometer and power windows are also available in these models. The 2.0-liter L4 engine pushes out sufficient power and a city fuel efficiency of 30hwy/25 is possible. Its improved aerodynamics enables you to corner even at high speeds while anti-lock brakes brings you to a halt if need be. Your car is likely to experience various malfunctions with time which may result from oil or fluid, fuel injection or spark plug. The Mazda Protégé Wagon OBD reader is designed in such a way that it’s capable of identifying the slightest problems by monitoring the alpha-numeric codes. Because of its sensitivity, problems are identified at early stages therefore giving you an opportunity to save lot of money. It’s very accurate and only identifies the source of the problem thus, it’s very easy to terminate the problem once and for all. With this reader functioning properly, you can lest assured of a breathtaking and relaxing drive than no other.