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Mazda mazdaspeed 3 is a sport car which has an intercooler to keep the heat soak at a minimum temperature. The level of engine consumption is quite low a guarantee that you can save quite a lot. It has disc brakes which are ventilated in order to give you an instant stop over. The control traction that it posses is standardized for an improved performance. It has embroidered seats to offer you a high degree of comfort. It is also installed with audio controls and aluminum steel plates .It also has xenon head lamps which increases your vision when you are cruising in dark areas. There are several devices that have produced to help in notifying you of any problem error that might happen to your car. The Mazda mazdaspeed OBD reader is one of those devices. This reader can always keep you perturbed of any eventuality that might arise In terms of the out put of the engine of your car. All the faulty codes are recorded down by this device thereby making it easy for you to know when exactly you need to seek the services of a mechanic. This is one of the most important devices that you ought to have if you want to reduce any inconveniences.