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If you want the best four seater car model, then the Mazda mx-3 has it all. It is one of the top speed car which goes at a speed of 212 km/h. It can also run at a distance of a quarter mile in approximately 16.4 seconds. This car has two engine modifications which improves your cruising potential. It is employed with heated seats for your improved comfort. At the same time, it has alloy wheels which ensure that you drive safely. This is one of the cars that has highly suspended brakes for an easy cruising when you are turning the steering wheel. There are many reasons that ca make your car stop operating instantly. For you to know the exact reason for this frequent break down, then you need to have the Mazda mx-3 OBD reader. This reader can display to you the actual impediment by exhibiting the codes which shows the faulty level of your car’s engine. The communication rate of this reader however, depends greatly on the available protocol. The older systems give out its information in a much slower rate in comparison with the new ones. All the generic faults can be cleared by this gadget immediately. It is therefore important for you to have one for your car.