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If you want to stand out and stop being average you need Mazda 3 4dr which is powerful. Fuel efficient, stylish, sensible. This car is known for its handling, class and good looking with well designed interiors. It has a 2.0 to 2.5 liter 4- cylinder engine with a choice of 5-speed manual or 5-speed sport automatic transmission, which gives good mileage of 190km/h.It has many different colors on its kit used in interior of the car. for lovers of music Mazda3 has digital music player and the most advantageous things are keyless system, heated front seats ,Bluetooth, hands free phone and audio capability and compact navigation system .its upgraded quality has climate control. The OBD system in your Mazda 3 4dr is a computer system which generates and stores error codes. It monitors nearly all engine controls and also some other parts of the car. The OBD reader help you know the problems your car is having since it has the ability to read information from your car when you trouble shoot your Mazda OBD system. Saving you time and money running your Mazda to garage to find out what is wrong. Mazda OBD reader comes with standardized unique codes which contains indexes to help you identify the problem. the user manuals are comprehensively detailed which provides the codes with meaningful descriptions.